Nearing retirement? We’ve got you covered.

Is it time to think about retiring?

There is no such thing as a typical retirement.  It can be a wonderful new phase of life – a time to travel, to take courses, to start a business, or do any number of wonderful new things.  Consequently, there is no such thing as an off-the-rack retirement plan.  At CameronDowning all of our work focuses on the individual needs and requirements of our clients.

Retirement planning encompasses these issues:

  • How much can I safely take from my accounts so that I don’t run out of money?
  • When should I begin to draw my Social Security benefit?
  • How can I pay for a long illness?
  • Should I stay in my home, or move elsewhere?

Planning to retire is a process that begins with the first get-to-know-one-another meeting.  Feel free to book a time below for a no-cost and no-obligation appointment.