Financial Planning

Step 1


The first step in the financial planning process is to simply introduce you to the services that we provide, explain how these services are billed, and develop a tentative timeline of when decisions and services will be complete.

Step 2


What are your goals for this year? Where do you want to be in 10 years? When can you retire? We will discuss your short and long-term goals; and we will request the necessary documents to develop a plan for you.

Step 3

Plan Design

We will use the data you have provided to develop recommendations that address your goals.

Step 4

Discuss &

Together we will go over our recommendations with you to be sure we've addressed all your needs and goals. We want you to feel confident that you are making wise, informed decisions. Next, we'll help you implement your plan, coordinating the entire process.

Step 5

Monitor &

We will monitor progress in implementing the recommendations , meeting periodically to see if any adjustments are needed.

Creating a Financial Plan

“How do I get started?”

Each individual, family, or business owner has a unique set of values, lifestyle choices, and goals. The question isn’t whether you should have a financial plan. You should.  The question is how well your plan serves you. Does it address debt reduction?  Does it address emergency fund savings?  Does it address long-term retirement savings?  Are the risks your family faces appropriately insured?

Creating a personal financial plan that organizes your financial house and prioritizes your spending decisions is the beginning of a journey.  It may take some time to do it, and it may be a little stressful (after all, there is paperwork to gather, and there are issues to think through).  The plan itself is pointless if you don’t implement it!

The rewards of completing a plan are manifold:  one moves ahead with confidence in having made wise decisions in both direction and spending choices.  Our mission is to stand alongside you on this journey, bringing all of our technical expertise and experience to the table for your benefit.

To complete a comprehensive financial plan requires a lot of client participation.  We will give you a list of documents we need to see.  These usually include:

  • investment and bank statements
  • tax returns
  • copies of wills and trusts
  • insurance policies
  • credit card and loan statements

Together we’ll work on a risk tolerance evaluation, and gather information to prepare a cash flow statement.  The end product will be a written plan with recommendations which answer the fundamental questions which brought you to us in the first place.

Some clients have us analyze only one particular area – for example, their retirement needs.  This is segmented planning, and is priced accordingly.